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Ravenwood Invite you to embark on the ‘Quest for the Circle of Linerless’ at Label Expo

The countdown has begun. It’s International linerless coming to the rescue again! Only this time Ravenwood is embarking on a ‘quest’ with material suppliers; Evonik, Innovia, Ashland, Henkel and Antalis.

Leaders in linerless, Ravenwood Packaging and its supplierswill be showcasing the complete linerless package, ‘The Circle of Linerless’ at LabelExpo (25-28 September 2017). This year’s show is set to be the biggest one to date with nine halls and more than 650 exhibitors.

The company’s ‘Raveneers’ will again be out in full force, joined by their trusty comrades, the Fauxlafels, at the leading trade show for labelling, package printing and converting. They’ll be showcasing their linerless technology and taking centre stage will be the awesome Com500 Coater on the dazzling ‘life-sized’ labelling video wall along with linerless applicators from the flagship Nobac 500 machine range. And totally new for this year’s show is their ‘Quest for the Circle of Linerless’ trail.

The ‘Quest’ invites the show’s visitors to ‘embark on a journey of linerless discovery’, commandeered by their bravest and most trustworthy Fauxlafel of them all – ‘Sir Fauxalot’. The gameplan is simple and those that complete the quest will be entered into a draw to win an amazing prize. Quest cards can be collected from any one of the stands in residence on the trail. The full line-up includes Ravenwood, Evonik, Innovia, Ashland and Henkel. Antalis will also be involved but not exhibiting at the show, although they will have a presence on the Ravenwood stand. A ‘stamp of linerless approval’ will be awarded from each and on completion of the quest, cards should be popped into the prize draw bins provided at each stand.

The ‘Circle of Linerless’ is a bond of trust and honour forged over the years with the Ravenwood approved network of suppliers and distributors to ensure customers have peace of mind through the entire labelling process. Ravenwood doesn’t just sell machines, they offer the complete Linerless solution. The ‘Circle of Linerless’ is a term coined by Ravenwood due to their seemless and joined up approach to the whole process.  They build the coater to make the labels, the applicator to apply them, whilst working with globally renowned raw material suppliers for developing the best substrates, adhesives and silicones to work in a consistent and quality approved manner for producing faultless linerless labels.

Ravenwood’s linerless technology is spreading like wildfire on a global scale and becoming the go-to label of choice for many food manufacturers. Linerless is the eco-friendly replacement for traditional labels that carry non-recyclable wasteful backing paper. With 20 years of linerless experience and a range of labelling solutions to help increase production efficiency, the company can tackle almost any packaging challenge in the food sector; from fish and meat, to fresh fruits and vegetables including dairy and ready meals.

Ravenwood will be on Stand C645. For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0)1284 749144 or email Alternatively, you can visit their main website

Quest for the Circle of Linerless
Sir Fauxalot and the quest awaits…

MPH Fulfilment Ltd Joins the Ravenwood Approved Distributor Network

Custom self-adhesive label producer, MPH Fulfilment Ltd has purchased its first Ravenwood Packaging coater, becoming an official partner, joining Ravenwood’s approved network of linerless Distributors.

The two companies benefit from an already strong business relationship, having worked together on various projects over the last 17 years.

Paul Hogan, Founder of MPH said: “We are absolutely delighted to have finally got on board with Ravenwood’s linerless technology. It’s something that we have wanted to do since MPH was founded in 2004. Over the past year, we have received an accelerated amount of linerless enquiries so the time seemed right to partner with Ravenwood.”

The Comac Coater is designed to work with Ravenwood’s Nobac 500 flagship linerless label applicator. This machine allows for the application of multiple release and adhesive lines, coating the labels with silicone on the front and adhesive on the back. The Comac works continuously through the label reel at a pace of 450 feet per minute. Other features include various line widths from 3mm up to 25mm, a nitrogen inerted silicone system and hot melt adhesive.

MPH adds this technology to its already diverse mix of products and services. In addition to self-adhesive food labelling, MPH provide labels for the toiletry and beauty industry, and offer 2 Ply Peal and Resealable, Thermoforming, as well as the MEDI-Clear® compliance packaging range which helps ensure that patients take the right medication at the correct time.

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood Packaging said: “Paul and I have known each other for many years and I am thrilled he’s now added linerless to his portfolio of products.”

MPH is a quality-driven label printer and packaging specialist, serving a wide range of industries and applications. Their world-class purpose built facility boasts 10,000 ft² of floor space, housing six printing presses, capable of printing up to 10 colours on various materials including paper, board and filmic substrates.  They employ a team of 30 dedicated professionals.

MPH is now privy to Ravenwood’s complete support package which includes servicing, parts and technical assistance. Visit their website here:

For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0)1284 749144 or email

MPH Fulfilment Ltd purchase a Ravenwood Com500 Coater
MPH Fulfilment Ltd

Ravenwood Launches End of Line Quality Control System

Linerless gurus, Ravenwood Packaging has unveiled its latest game-changing technology, the VXR, combining vision, x-ray and seal check technology. The new innovation will launch at Pro2Pac.

The new compact and high-tech arrangement provides an all-inclusive process for the seamless production of sleeving, contaminate detection and sealing of trays. Customers will benefit from fully automating their production lines, alleviating the need for manual checks which are costly in terms of manpower and time consuming when production deadlines are tight. These three technologies fall under the operation of just one machine, incorporated into just 1.9m. The ‘end of line’ solution provider to meet the food industry’s stringent requirements.

“Supermarkets are demanding improved quality, 100% error free labelling and reduced costs – placing increased pressure on suppliers,” says Paul Beamish, Founder and Managing Director of Ravenwood Packaging. “The new VXR machine will not only meet these demands but will outperform manual operations for a fully streamlined process.”

The key functionality of the VXR system, when combining the three technologies, is to identify and reject food trays that are seen to contain errors. Ravenwood’s VXR will solve these issues with ‘Sapphire’ carbon nanotube field emission technology. Sapphire is a leading technology in the field of x-ray, boasting low energy, high speeds and resolution for unparalleled performance.


With ‘Vision’, the machine automatically detects faulty labels, printing errors and poor quality print. Expect analysis of label position, quantity and orientation. All printed information is checked including barcodes, use-by dates and traceability codes. The system also boasts a user-friendly interface for rugged factory environments. Ravenwood stipulated this at the design phase. “The machine must be simple and easy to use,” said Beamish.


The VXR is programmed with heightened sensitivity for detecting dense mass and contaminates, and identifies foreign bodies such as glass, metal, ceramics including all types of bones. Products are cast aside and placed in the removable reject bin.

Seal Check

Contaminates in the seal are also screened, ensuring trays and food packages are properly sealed. Foods that have ‘slipped’ could potentially obstruct the seal. The system also examines for the correct position of the food and number of products within the tray – for example, number of meatballs.

“Contamination of food may pose serious consequences for a company. Under the Product Liability Law, every food producer is liable for contagions in the event that a consumer should be harmed,” adds Beamish.

Ravenwood is now taking orders. Machines are built bespoke to feature just one or all three of the technologies.

For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0) 1284 749144 or email

Ravenwood's VXR machine
Ravenwood’s VXR machine ready for its grand unveiling at Pro2pac!
VXR logo
VXR logo

Belona Invests in a Ravenwood Comac Linerless Label Coater

Label producer Belona B.V. based in the Oud Gastel region in The Netherlands, has invested in a Ravenwood Comac linerless label coater.  The purchase means that the company has now become an official partner, joining the approved Ravenwood network of linerless Distributors.

The Comac is designed to work with Ravenwood’s Nobac 500 flagship linerless label applicator.  This machine allows for the application of multiple release and adhesive lines, coating the labels with silicone on the front and adhesive on the back. The Comac works continuously through the label reel at a pace of 450 feet per minute. Other features include various line widths from 3mm up to 25mm, a nitrogen inerted silicone system and hot melt adhesive.

Belona has added this technology to its already comprehensive product portfolio which boasts a diverse range of self-adhesive labels. As a thriving label producer, the company employs 100 staff who each contribute to the processing of a whopping 22,000,000 square meters of label material per year!

As a customer, Belona is now privy to Ravenwood’s complete support package which includes servicing, parts and technical assistance. Visit Belona’s website here:

For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0)1284 749144 or email

Belona invest in a Ravenwood Comac Linerless Label Coater

Ravenwood Packaging Expands Business Premises

Due to continued growth and success, linerless label innovators, Ravenwood Packaging, are expanding their HQ in Bury St Edmunds. The site is currently undergoing an expansion programme to make way for some much needed additional space.

The project is well underway and is set to complete in the New Year. Their existing warehouse is being converted by way of a mezzanine which will pave the way for a new split-level facility comprising coating room, dedicated training area, new workshop, stores facility and office space to accommodate Ravenwood’s rapidly growing workforce. The new-build will be extremely spacious – industrial but contemporary in design.

The new coating room will boast a clean and dust free environment for coating linerless labels. Ravenwood’s Comac 500 machine enhances the appearance and finish of a label surface. Adding a protective layer helps improve the printability and safeguards against UV and moisture. There will also be a new training room, featuring state-of-the-art facilities. The new area will provide extra space for hosting seminars and conducting training sessions, tailored in line with the needs of individual engineers and operators. They’ll also be room to house more of the company’s ‘Nobac’ flagship applicators for demonstration purposes. Ravenwood’s workshop and stores facility will also be relocating to the new build.  The company’s ‘pre-loved’ department offers refurbishments of existing machines from touch screen upgrades to full rebuilds. The extra space will allow Ravenwood’s engineers to work on multiple applicators at any one time.  And last but certainly by no means least is the new office space which will make way for new Director’s offices and provide a new home to their centralised support functions – purpose-built facilities for their sales, marketing and accounts divisions.

2017 is set to be an exciting year for the company as they prepare to unveil a new linerless technology at the next Pro2Pac. Pro2Pac will be held at London’s Excel, 20th – 22nd March and is the UK’s only food and drink packaging event. Read the full news story here.

For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0)1284 749144 or email

Ravenwood Packaging expands business premises
Ravenwood’s warehouse currently undergoing conversion…


Ravenwood Packaging to Launch New Innovation at Pro2Pac 2017

Linerless label innovators, Ravenwood Packaging, prepare to unveil new linerless technology at the next Pro2Pac event at London’s Excel, 20th – 22nd March. 

The company’s ‘Raveneers’ will be out in full force, for the 6th consecutive year to date at the UK’s only food and drink packaging event.  And it’s here that they plan to showcase a totally new product along with their range of linerless labels and applicators. And to help them convince the crowds will be their brilliant ‘life-sized’ labelling video wall.

In addition to the new product which is firmly under wraps at this time, the company is set to demonstrate to brand owners, manufacturers and packers that opting for linerless (no backing paper) is a ‘no brainer’.  The environmental, safety and cost implications are immense, allowing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of the many benefits that this type of label has to offer. Most importantly, by eliminating the siliconised backing paper means that reels weigh up to 40% less and take up 40% less space compared to those with carrier paper. Subsequently, reduced shipping and storage costs become a major advantage. And by losing the liner means landfill disposal costs can be avoided too.

Ravenwood’s labelling formats include standard, slideable, ready meal and skin pack. They partner with some of the most prominent specialists in the food packaging field for the best materials and adhesives to deliver flawless labelling solutions. In addition to their selection of eco-friendly labels, Ravenwood supplies a range of machines called ‘Nobac Applicators’.  Their flagship range falls under the umbrella of the Nobac 500 – first assembled 10 years ago. Since this time, Ravenwood has adapted the original ‘500’ concept and created variants for applying a wide range of linerless labels.

Managing Director Paul Beamish is extremely excited at the prospect of unveiling the new technology but is understandably enigmatic: “This new product will undoubtedly be taking center stage on our stand but as you can appreciate, my lips are sealed at this time – all will be revealed on the 20th March.”

He added: “Pro2Pac is a fantastic show for Ravenwood. It’s a great space for showcasing our range of labels and machinery to a targeted audience who are looking to streamline costs, increase production efficiency and benefit from the flexibility and sustainability that this type of labelling can offer.”

Skin pack packaging is gaining momentum on a global scale and consequently, skin pack linerless labelling. Demands have expanded for hygienic packaging for various applications especially within the food packaging sector where preservation and increased shelf life is paramount. Ravenwood will be showcasing their Skin Pack Linerless Label which is an excellent choice for super protruding or bulky food products.  And Ravenwood’s ‘Slideable’ labels will also be on prominent display and the range includes their Ready Meal Linerless Label which acts like a cardboard sleeve. Unlike traditional sleeves that are both costly and labour intensive, these labels score by comparison as they are machine applied and come supplied on a roll. The benefits are widely apparent which is why Slideable labels are becoming increasingly attractive as the label of choice for straight-to-oven ready meals.

Visit Ravenwood Packaging on stand N1050.

Ravenwood Packaging was established in 2004 by Paul Beamish and supplies a range of specialist linerless labels and packaging machines worldwide. Boasting an all-inclusive, top quality service through a network of partners across the globe, the company has sold and maintains in excess of 1000+ machines. They offer tailored refurbishments of existing applicators from touch screen to full rebuild. And their dedicated training facilities can tailor sessions in line with the needs of individual engineers and operators. Customers can take advantage of a complete support package including servicing, spares and technical assistance. Their headquarters in Bury St Edmunds is currently undergoing a major expansion programme with further office space, demonstration and training facilities being added. For further information, visit the main website or call them on +44 (0) 1284 749144.


For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on +44 (0)1284 749144 or email

Pro2Pac - Linerless Label

History of the Press Release

Our first press release is yet to be issued so please watch this space…

But now that you are here, here’s a little history about the press release and how the first one landed in the public domain.

The very first press release was issued following a train crash on October 28th, 1906 in Atlantic City in the USA. The tragedy left more than 50 people dead as a result of the train derailing off the Atlantic City Bridge.

It was common practice back then to hide such misfortunes from the public but Ivy Lee who represented the Pennsylvania Railroad decided to invite the press down to cover the incident. And to ensure that they had all of the facts, Lee drafted up a statement about the event which became the forerunner of the modern day ‘press release’.  Lee who was once himself a Times reporter gave the statement to The New York Times who ran the report. The newspaper were apparently so impressed by Lee’s report that they printed it word for word or as some would refer, ‘verbatim’.

Fast forward to present day and the general consensus is that press releases should contain 4 to 5 paragraphs with a word count from 400 to 500. However, it is generally accepted that press releases can be anywhere from 300 to 800 words.

A press release should be structured as follows:

Headline – used to grab the attention of journalists and briefly summarise the news. Be sure to include some of the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ elements.

Date – positioned above the title and should contain the release date.

Introduction – first paragraph in a press release that generally gives basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why.

Body copy – further explanation, statistics, background or other details relevant to the news.

Quote – featuring a quote from the person at the centre of the story, an eyewitness or professional spokesperson will give the story credibility.

Boilerplate – generally a short ‘about’ section, providing independent background on the issuing company, organisation or individual.

Closing – be sure to add ‘Ends’ at the bottom of the release to signal to the journalist that they have all of the information.

Media information – normally full name of the person who wrote the release if they are representing their own company or the name of the public relations consultant.  A phone number, email address and any other relevant contact information should also be added.

The son of a Methodist Minister, Ivy Lee established the Association of Railroad Executives which included providing public relations services to the industry.  He also became an advisor to major industrial corporations such as the steel sector, car industry, tobacco, meatpacking and rubber as well as public utilities, banks and even foreign governments. Lee pioneered the use of internal magazines to maintain employee morale, as well as newsletters, stockholder reports and news releases to the media. He did a great deal of work during World War I and he  became the Publicity Director for the American Red Cross. Sadly Lee died of a brain tumor at the age of 57.

Ivy Lee, pictured below is now referred to as ‘the founder of public relations’.


For further information, contact Natalie Bonner on (0) 1284 749144 or email

Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee – ‘the founder of public relations’