Welcome to the Magnificent World of the Ravenwood Nobac 500

The almighty Nobac 500 is Ravenwood’s flagship applicator and the first prototype to go into production when Ravenwood was founded in 2004. Today’s ‘500’ is still based on the same design but due to industry demands and changes in buyer behaviour over recent years, the company has evolved the original ‘500’ concept. Many machine variants are now available for applying a multitude of different linerless label formats.

What is Linerless?

Linerless has been around for over a decade now. The labels are unique in that they eliminate the need for wasteful, non-recyclable backing papers destined for landfill. Processing this waste proves both costly and time consuming. So the good news is, from a sustainability angle, this labelling is taking centre stage. And rightly so, as the world of packaging is going all out to be ‘seen as green’. Linerless labels are set to stick around – enlighten yourself further here : ’10 Reasons for Choosing Linerless Labels’ and ‘Food Packaging Trends – Prepare to See Green in 2017’.

‘500’ Flexible Formats

The Nobac 500 sleever is an inline machine, designed for maximum flexibility.  Quick changeovers between wrap formats are achieved by eliminating the need to turn the packs. The ‘500’ and its counterparts are also capable of applying sleeves in many different formats including:

  • Top
  • Top and Side
  • C-wrap
  • D-wrap
  • Full Wrap
  • Skin Pack
  • Skin Pack Protruding
  • Skin Pack Super Protruding – up to 100mm above the height of the tray
  • Ready Meal
  • Salami and Haggis

And what’s more, the ‘500’ offers great versatility in terms of label materials. These include board, paper and synthetic substrates. And by printing at the point of application, means that wasted printed labels on changeovers are greatly reduced. Ravenwood has also developed a twin-head machine for non-stop high speed labelling.

‘500’ Functionality

In addition to sleeving fixed weight products, there’s the added benefit of linking the ‘500’ to weigh scales. These scales allow for variable weight products as well as check weighing. It’s great that production speeds are not compromised in fixed weight mode.  Ranging from 100-140ppm is achievable, although much relies on tray size. And in variable weight systems, linking to the latest weigh scales over 100ppm is also possible.

‘500’ End of Line

Adding vital information such as expiry dates, weights and batch numbers are essential for providing detailed information about the product itself.  Additionally, bar codes are now crucial for track and traceability – worth every penny, especially when faced with costly product recalls. Ravenwood partner with an approved supplier network for printing this information by way of coding technology. With fast moving lines and frequent changeovers, coding equipment offers a fail-safe step up from less flexible, non-digital methods. And if you require RFID labels, Ravenwood offers Trojan technology as an ‘add-on’ machine as well.  The Trojan is an extremely small and cost effective label applicator. Both the Coder and Trojan are ideal for incorporating into end of line labelling requirements.

‘500’ Global Footprint

The Nobac 500 has been developed for today’s food retailers and packers and is the first choice of many high profile brands. With over 1,500 machines sold worldwide and in excess of 14 billion applications every year, you could say the ‘500’ is a global authority in the ‘Land of Linerless Labels’. Our labels can be found across Europe, Asia, America and Russia.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers are privy to a complete support package. Servicing, parts and technical assistance come as standard with our field-based Raveneers always on standby.  Furthermore, we offer a break down and call-out service, should the need arise. And our well-stocked cupboard is bursting with spare parts which can be rushed to you on a next day delivery. Dedicated and bespoke training packages are also available.

To find our more on the Nobac 500 and other machine variants in the range, contact us or call us on 01284 749144.

Nobac 500
The almighty Nobac 500 Applicator

Stand Out On Shelf – Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

In grocery retailing, the competition for customers, margins and price premiums between manufacturer and private labels is fierce. Supermarket shelves are jam packed with differing brands all screaming for consumers’ attention. Traditionally, competition has focused on brand identity, quality and pricing as the main tools for creating distance between competitors. Only when we gain harmony between these 3 factors, are we then on the road to gaining consumer loyalty for driving repeat purchase.


A strong brand identity is crucial, giving your company and products personality, energy and visual impact. As a species, humans are very loyal and this also rings true with our purchasing decisions. Strong brands hold centre stage in our minds, especially when faced with multiple products on shelf. So instead of designing packaging purely for the product, we should use the packaging to highlight and enforce the brand. Whether a product is the new kid on the block or has held pride of place on shelf for many years, brand building here must create trial and reinforce existing consumer relationships by advancing a product’s positioning. A good brand is like a strong hand shake – a sign of strength and assuredness. Prime example of strong branding is the iconic Marmite.

Marmite – Iconic Branding


The impact of packaging can make the difference between success or failure of a product. Not only the look and feel of the package, but also the information on the label itself is essential for great shelf appeal. Food labels are the driving force for educating, entertaining and engaging your audience. Something should happen between the consumer and the packaging because a visual cue is the first point of contact with the consumer. It affords the opportunity to evaluate product quality – an essential qualifier for choosing one brand over another. Why pay, even at a cheap price point for a product that does not look and sound appealing?

Packaging that conveys a sense of humor helps to ‘speak’ to the consumer in a friendly and persuasive manner. By tapping into the psyche of a potential customer means that emotional connections are made and break through the clutter that surrounds. The ‘Big Knit’ campaign launched by Innocent did wonders for the brand.

Innocent Smoothies
Innocent – The ‘Big Knit’


Reflecting back to the good old days of yesteryear conjures up ‘feel good’ memories and nostalgia. And the same holds true for brands and their packaging. We’ve seen a number of cereal and snack companies bring back classic designs and flavors, which ultimately remind consumers of why they first fell in love with a brand or product. It’s about recreating an emotional connection and building a bridge to the evolution of the brand. Bisto also pulled this one off nicely with their 2015 annual collectors tin by putting a contemporary spin on a retro offering.

Ahh Bisto! – 2015 Celebration Tin


Pricing also strongly influences our decision making. The consensus where pricing is concerned is that we sell products to make money. The more products we sell, the more money we make. Sell them at a higher price and fewer people will buy them but we make more profit per unit. Sell them for too little and we will probably sell more but people will assume that they are poor quality. It’s swings and roundabouts but you need to get the balance right to avoid the squabbles. Post Brexit and as of last month, competition between supermarkets means that it’s now cheaper to do your food shopping than it was a year ago – and the price war hasn’t finished yet.

Shopping for the best deals
Supermarket Price Wars – Are prices set to come down further?


The human mind is attracted to anything perceived as a good deal. ‘Buy one get one free’ (BOGOF) is the most popular marketing strategy to persuade people to buy things. People love a bargain and an element of surprise. Limited edition packaging is the another way to build on that affinity, without messing with the brand or the product’s core attributes. Special purchases provide a license to put aside typical behavior constraints so disrupting the norm and encouraging impulsive buying. It’s also an incredible opportunity to drive sales forward and offers a great shortcut to jump into the premium category, encouraging consumers to choose your brand over their preferred choice or the competition.

Labels that feature specific promotional mechanisms are a powerful driver in terms of consumer engagement for encouraging repeat purchase. Linerless labels produced by Ravenwood Packaging provide brand owners with more space to speak to their customers – double the space in fact. Due to the peelable adhesive quality of the glue lines allows for the back of the label to feature additional information such as tips on health, recipes, promotions, information on food safety and much more. Why not read our blog> 10 Reasons to Choose Linerless Labels

Ravenwood Linerless Labels
Ravenwood Linerless Labels – Feature promotional mechanics to the front and back of the label (Ready Meal Sleeve featured)


Sustainable food packaging is a craze that is set to gain momentum in the years ahead as more and more companies are going all out to be ‘seen as green’. And with consumers adopting greener and more ethical lifestyles, food packaging is therefore becoming just as important as the product itself. We’ve covered this topic previously so why not have a read here> The Sustainable Food Packaging Revolution

PANTONE colour of the Year selection for 2017– is non other than ‘Greenery’. Green is a colour of balance and harmony of the mind, the body and the emotions. In colour psychology, it relates to security, wealth and growth. And it’s no wonder, in packaging, the colour green has historically proved popular for organic and environmentally friendly products including wholefoods and plant based. Read our full article here> Food & Packaging Trends – Prepare to See Green in 2017

Mushroom Packaging
Mushroom packaging by Evocative Design – safe, healthy and certified sustainable


Time. Our lives are defined by the ability to make decisions which are divided into a series of moments. Time is something that we seem to have increasingly less of – as time goes by. Our lives are getting busier and our decision making faster. So the trick is to entice your customer into a moment of engagement – setting the scene for their undivided attention. Your product is counting on it. Is your packaging and labelling selling your products?  If sales are down and products aren’t flying off the shelf then something isn’t working. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn and sometimes we have to look to our more successful competitors. What are they doing that you should be doing better?

Ravenwood linerless label samples and brochures available upon request. Contact us here or call us on 01284 749144 to find out more.