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The Raveneers Corner is the dedicated news hub of Ravenwood Packaging Ltd – home of linerless labels.

A little about Ravenwood Packaging

Ravenwood Packaging Ltd was created in 2004 by our founder Paul Beamish to sell, service and supply spare parts for Nobac (no backing paper) linerless labels. Initially based in Norwich along with our sister company, Macauto, we have now expanded operations into our purpose built facility in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Over 1,500 companies across the planet have adopted the Ravenwood Linerless Labels System. And to this day, we are proud to profess that we are world leaders in this eco-friendly technology. Our network of agents are dotted around the globe so as a Distributor, you are never far from a linerless label guru.

In addition to linerless labels, we sell a range of associated packaging machinery. Our portfolio includes Sparkprint Labellers, Markem Coders, Ice Coders and Sato Print Engines. We also have a coating facility and our Comac 500 Coater prepares ready printed labels for use on our Nobac applicators.

Our vast array of linerless Nobacs use unique linerless adhesive backed labels making wasteful, non-recyclable backing papers a thing of the past. Nobac machines enable a full range of labelling formats that can be selected to suit product requirements. By utilising board, paper and synthetic substrates, further enhances their flexibility. Our labels include standard linerless, slideable labels (cardboard sleeves on a roll), ready meal sleeves, skin pack and salami wrap.

Our offices are fully equipped with demonstration areas and machines including training facilities for engineers and operators. We offer our customers a complete support package so they can benefit from servicing, parts and technical support.

Our expeditionary force is ready and waiting when you are. Valiantly striving to reduce the packaging industry’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Become a part of the linerless revolution – the environment will love you for it.

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